‘Trunkful of Memories’ is a heartfelt tribute to the incredible memory of elephants, inspired by their herbivorous diet. Childhood memories are adorned with moments of playfulness in the backyard alongside one of these gentle giants, attesting to the fact that elephants never forget. It’s a privilege to observe these magnificent creatures up close and witness their endearing behavior. Delving into understanding more about elephants and their dietary habits, and captivated by the variety of plants, flowers, barks, seed pods, and herbs that contribute to their health. This intricate design showcases over 30 different flora that elephants consume to stay healthy. These elements not only provide a rich variety of flavours but also include beautiful flowers and herbs, which play a vital role in maintaining the largest brain in the animal kingdom and biodiversity of the planet. Through “Trunkful of Memories,” the intention is to emphasise the remarkable memory of elephants and shed light on the diverse, nourishing ingredients that contribute to their wellbeing. This artwork celebrates the harmony between their extraordinary memory and the richness of their natural diet, inviting viewers to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.​

Buy an elephant at auction

At the end of the trail the elephants will come together for a fabulous farewell event. All of our elephants will then go under the hammer in a bidding spectacular where you can take home a piece of the unforgettable trail whilst raising vital funds for local people, and their families, living with a terminal illness.

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“One of the things I realised as a carer was that St Giles Hospice is a charity. The wonderful advice, guidance, help and support that we had comes from the generosity of others.” – Craig Johnson, Sutton Coldfield. No matter how big or small, donations to support St Giles Hospice are always welcome. Thank you.

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