Our Repton elephant was designed as a ‘Tigerphant’ by a Team of Arts Scholars led by Barnaby Morley who was awarded the role thanks to his winning design submission, who has said this about the experience: ‘I was inspired by the ‘Jungle Book’. The colourful and bright flowers and bright greens of the classic children’s story really inspired my design so that it tells a bit of a story within the form of the elephant. I worked with Indi, Enaka, and Serena on the paint work and we added further detail of the animals we really wanted to stand out with paint pens and pencil. I really enjoyed the process and think the final outcome is unique and striking

Your support matters

“One of the things I realised as a carer was that St Giles Hospice is a charity. The wonderful advice, guidance, help and support that we had comes from the generosity of others.” – Craig Johnson, Sutton Coldfield. No matter how big or small, donations to support St Giles Hospice are always welcome. Thank you.

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