I wanted to combine the majesty of an elephant with the charm of a bee, fostering an appreciation for biodiversity. Its vibrant colours and intricate details showcase the beauty of pollinators, highlighting their crucial role in the ecosystem. “Big Buzz” is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature’s diverse inhabitants. I want my design to not only delight the viewer but also serve as a playful reminder of the need to protect our envionment and the vital role of bees in sustaining our planet’s biodiversity.

Your support matters

“One of the things I realised as a carer was that St Giles Hospice is a charity. The wonderful advice, guidance, help and support that we had comes from the generosity of others.” – Craig Johnson, Sutton Coldfield. No matter how big or small, donations to support St Giles Hospice are always welcome. Thank you.

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