Schools and community groups across the region secure their opportunity to be part of special sculpture trail

Date published: 8 May 2024

Schools and community groups across the region secure their opportunity to be part of special sculpture trail

St Giles Hospice is thrilled to announce they have sold all 30 of the initial elephant sculptures available to schools and community groups across the region, as part of their March of the Elephants public art sculpture trail, set to stomp across Lichfield, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield in summer 2024. 

Emma Yates, said: “The community response has been overwhelming – we decided that we had to add more baby elephants to our herd to offer as many opportunities as possible out to our local community.  

“There will now be 55 baby elephants on the trail, that’s an additional 25 elephants available to sponsor – so please get in touch with the team to find out more if your school or community group is not yet involved!” 

As part of this exciting trail, March of the Elephants has partnered with schools and community groups across the region, encouraging a sense of community engagement and creativity through their Learner Programme.  

The adoption of these beautifully crafted elephant sculptures marks a significant step towards the launch of the unique art trail this summer, that promises to captivate the hearts and minds of the local community. 

Each elephant sculpture serves as a blank canvas for the group’s own artistic expression. Local schools and community groups have embraced the opportunity to showcase their creativity. 

Katie Shuck, Year 3 Teaching Assistant at Fulfen Primary School, said: “I became involved in the project because a young boy at our school has a really close link to St Giles Hospice, and we wanted to get on board to support him and his dad – he shares his story so lovingly with his peers. So, just to include the whole school in his story as well, and another chapter for him.” 

The trail is set to march through the picturesque backdrops of Lichfield, Tamworth, and Sutton Coldfield, offering the local community an ‘outdoor art gallery’ throughout the summer. St Giles Hospice aims to raise awareness and support for their vital services, whilst creating an immersive and enjoyable experience for all who visit the trail. 

Emma continued: “We are thrilled to see the enthusiastic response from schools and community groups in adopting our elephant sculptures as part of the trail’s Learner Programme.  

“The March of the Elephants trail is not only a celebration of art and creativity in our local area, but also a meaningful way to connect with our community and raise awareness for the vital services provided by St Giles Hospice.”  

The trail, promises to be a highlight for the region, bringing together art enthusiasts, families, and supporters of St Giles for a memorable experience.  

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