About Jess Perrin

I’m Jess, an illustrator and designer from Birmingham! I’d describe my style as whimsical and child friendly- often using simple shapes and bright colours to create an image. I work with both traditional and digital mediums, I love drawing on my iPad just as much as painting with a brush!

I’ve taken part in quite a few Wild in Art trails since 2017, which is where I first started with the Big Sleuth in Birmingham. Since then I’ve painted over 70 sculptures for Wild in Art, and a selection of those sculptures have sold at auction for more than £200,000.

I’m most looking forward to seeing my sculpture out on the streets for the public to see! It’s always such a lovely time to see people engaging with my work in a positive way- people of all ages can get something lovely out of each and every work of art!

3 words to describe Jess’ design: I’d say ‘bright’ ‘bold’ and ‘community’ would be the three words I’d use to describe it!

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